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Warning:  I'm gonna use this journal to kvetch about stupid crap, so feel free to skip it if you don't want to risk being bored by my drivel.  I actually wrote most of this a couple months ago, but it was all so trivial, I changed my mind about posting it.  But then I figured, what the hell.

A while back, someone faved a few of my pics, and rather than merely show my appreciation, I decided to pick a fight with him.  Well, that's a bit of an exaggeration, but I did take issue with the fact that the pics of mine that he'd faved, he'd stuck in a folder titled MILF, even though none of the characters in said pics were actually mothers, and I should know, since a couple were OCs.  When I said that I wasn't sure if he knew what MILF actually meant, he just replied, "Opinions vary." 

"Opinions vary."  Why is that, though?  "Mother I'd Like to Fuck."  That's literally what it stands for.  How is that open to interpretation?  Let me just state for the record that I'm not totally crazy about the word MILF.  I'll acknowledge that it's sort of a useful term in some cases, such as when looking for fanart of a particular nature, but it's not exactly the sort of word I'd use in everyday speech.  Still, it would nice if people could stick to the definition the acronym was invented for.  It's not like the term has been around that long; it seems kind of early for it to mutate beyond all meaning. 

I remember being on the imdb boards once and seeing someone objecting to Amy Adams' casting as Lois Lane, since according to some, any woman above thirty five might as well be hobbling around with a walker.  "So Lois is a MILF now?," wrote this person.  Well, no, because she didn't have any kids.  Ironically, while Kate Bosworth was much younger than Amy Adams when she played the par- many said too young- the term MILF would have more accurately applied to her version of the character since her Lois had actually given birth. 

I guess I can sort of begrudgingly understand why one might stretch the definition to include women who are over a certain age, but this guy who'd faved my pics just seemed to be using it to apply to any attractive woman. It's like having a folder titled UFO and using it to fav pics of seagulls and helicopters.  They may not be unidentified, but they're flying objects, right?   

If you want an acronym for a girl you'd like to... you know, why not just write GILF instead?  There, problem solved.  Wait...

I admit it's kind of a silly thing to get bent out of shape over  If I wanted to bring up a more serious instance of someone mangling a definition, I could talk instead about this other guy I ran across not long ago on deviantART who didn't seem to grasp the meaning of the word "oppression."  In his mind, a cruel exercise of power and gentle mockery went hand in hand.  It's not like I'd sought this person out; I don't go out of my way to find people to argue with; I'm generally a non-confrontational person.  He'd given me a llama, and I'd gone to his page to thank him, even though I'm not sure what the point of llamas are- some people just seem to use them to get more pageviews. 

When I got to this guy's page, though, I couldn't help noticing that he was in the habit of ranting in his journal, and doing it in such vague terms that you often weren't even sure what the hell he was talking about, probably because if he provided the relevant details, he would have been rightly lambasted for being ridiculous.  In this particular case, he was in a tizzy over some celebrity "oppressing" people.  Once prodded, he reluctantly admitted he was only now getting irate over this thing from a year previously when George Takei had written humorous retorts to people who had written their objections to gay marriage.  Apparently, it was okay for those people to express their opinions, but not okay for Takei to express his; this guy even compared Takei to a Nazi.  Then he called me a bully for questioning him.  I know I can come across as a jerk at times, but in this case, I actually wasn't displaying behavior that could be described as remotely dickish; I was way less confrontational than this guy deserved.  Not that I had much of a chance; he blocked me simply for asking him to explain what he was going on about, then impugned my character, assuming I had no way to defend myself.  But I have more than one account, so before he could block my other one as well, my one unabashed act of dickishness was this parting shot:


There's one more stupid thing I feel like getting off my chest.  Last week, the CBS affiliate here has made an attempt to artificially stir up outrage over Halloween stores selling Slender Man costumes, in light of the stabbing of that local girl by two of her classmates, who were trying to sacrifice her to the Slender Man character.  The news report even said that Slender Man was "implicated in the stabbing," as though he was a real person.  I don't actually know a lot about Slender Man, but as far as I can tell, human sacrifice isn't even part of the "mythology"; those girls were just crazy.  One of them also claims to talk to one of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  Why isn't CBS 58 also implying that stores should be pulling Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles costumes from their shelves?  They might as well also say that it's inappropriate to sell Beatles records because of Charles Manson.


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